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Markinch Heritage Group would like to build up a library of articles and documents pertaining to the history and heritage of Markinch and its surroundings.

You can send pictures, video, documents or scanned articles for example. Original research pieces are also actively encouraged for inclusion. Many different formats can be accepted including PowerPoint presentations etc.

Help us create a unique and one-stop resource that anyone across the world can access. Please assist us in this aim by contributing anything you have. We can be contacted via the Contact page.

Please note that all documents presented here are for personal use and research and are not to be used for any commercial purposes.

  • Burgh of Barony of Markinch
    Read the 1673 Charter [ view ]
  • Stob Cross & Balbirnie East Lodge circa?
    Photograph and text [ view ]
  • Polish Troops picture
    Parachute Brigade [ view ]
  • Polish Signals
    Markinch....but where? [ view ]
  • Lords of Markinch
    The Moultries, Lords of Markinch and Neighbours from Hell? [ view ]
  • Markinch Landowners
    Markinch Landowners over 9 centuries [ view ]
  • Tracking Down Fife's Ancient Legal Centre
    Where was Dalginch? [ view ]
  • Newton Rathmell Official Report
    Official Archaeological Report by Rathmell Archaeology for MHG [ view ]
  • Newton Powerpoint Office 2007 version compressed
    Rathmell PowerPoint Presentation to MHG [ view ]
  • Newton Geophysical Survey
    Official Geophysical Report by Stefan Froud [ view ]
  • Andrew Buist (1727-1815) and his son Henry
    Heritor and farmer in Markinch buried at parish church [ view ]
  • George Ballingall (1714-1793)
    Tenant of Rameldry, Kettle [ view ]
  • In Commemoration of the Ultimate Sacrifice of David Watson Howat
    Originally from Markinch, died at Passchendaele, WW1 [ view ]
  • David Imrie (1787-1862) Tenant Farmer & Millmaster of Haughmill & Bankhead [ view ]
  • Niel Ballingall (1750-1843) First Ballingall Factor of Balbirnie [ view ]
  • William Ballingall (1800-1888) 2nd Ballingall Factor of Balbirnie [ view ]
  • Niel Ballingall (1840-1916) 3rd Ballingall Factor of Balbirnie [ view ]
  • Robert Ballingall (1791-1860) A Tribute to His Life & Times [ view ]
  • The Kirkforthar Ditches [ view ]
  • News from the Past Aug 2011 [ view ]
  • News from the Past Special Edition 2012 [ view ]
  • News from the Past March 2013 [ view ]
  • News from the Past June 2015 [ view ]
  • News from the Past Dec 2017 [ view ]

Useful Links

  • 12th Century Church Reconstruction Video - This short talk given last year by our own very knowledgeable local researcher Bruce Manson at TAFAC last year gives insight into the importance of Markinch church. It is not surprising that Markinch was on the medieval pilgrim route between Dunfermline and St Andrews and is firmly part of the new Fife Pilgrim Way. Since the talk research has moved forward on the project, with new material and new interpretations emerging. The more recent history of the church is being better understood through documentary analysis, particularly the Session and Heritors' records. Markinch Heritage Group is establishing a fund for future archaeological work on the church and fresh finds are expected to modify our existing understanding of this remarkable building. The book 'Macduff's Kirk?', on which the talk is based, is available at Mary McArthur Gents Hairdresser, Markinch. Any problems sourcing it please, contact us.

Free readers can be downloaded for Acrobat files(pdf) and Word, PowerPoint and Excel files (doc, ppt, xls)

Please use the links in the box above if you do not have Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel.

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