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Forthcoming and past events...

Keep checking here for new and updated events and talks...

N.B. All talks take place at The 252 Memorial Hall, Betson Street, Markinch at 19.00 unless otherwise stated.

Free to members and £2 for non members.


Our commitee meetings are open to members to attend as observers. Same time and venue as the talks and are held on the last Thursday of each month from September to June.


6-Sep-2018  AGM + Social Evening + Members' Talks

4-Oct-2018  Scots in USA
Jenni Calder [ website ]

1-Nov-2018  Fifty Years as a Farrier
David Wilson [ website ]

17-Nov-2018  Craft Fair
10-2, at 252 Memorial Hall, Betson Street, Markinch. FREE entry. [ website ]

6-Dec-2018  Coal Mining in East Neuk/Markinch
Professor John McManus [ website ]

10-Jan-2019  Tall Towers & Grass Roots
Kenneth McElroy [ website ]

7-Feb-2019  Shaping the Landscape of Ben Lomond
Ally Eckersall
[ website ]

7-Mar-2019  Folk Tales of Fife
Sheila Kinninmonth [ website ]

4-Apr-2019  The Largo Castaway
Eric Eunson
N.B. Change to topic, same speaker [ website ]

2-May-2019  Footsteps in the Furrow
Andrew Arbuckle
N.B. change of speaker

6-Jun-2019  The Bruce and his Legacy
Fiona Watson
N.B. Venue is Balgonie Castle - places MUST be reserved and full paying members will have priority. Reservation dates will be supplied nearer the time.

Previous talks & events....


7-Sep-2017  AGM + Social Evening + Members' Talks

5-Oct-2017  The Poor Had No Lawyers-Who Owns Scotland - Andy Wightman [ website ]

2-Nov-2017  Pilot Training at RAF Montrose in WW1 - Daniel Paton [ website ]

18-Nov-2017  Craft Fair - 10-2, at 252 Memorial Hall, Betson Street, Markinch. FREE entry. [ website ]

7-Dec-2017  A Travelling Woman’s Memories of the Kingdom - Jess Smith [ website ]

11-Jan-2018  Recording Fife’s Historic Buildings - Simon Green [ website ]

1-Feb-2018  Hamish Henderson – musical and literary giant - Timothy Neat [ website ]

26-Mar-2018  Petticoats and Plants – the rise of female gardeners - Dr Deborah Reid [ website ]

5-Apr-2018  The Sundial Trail - Dennis Cowan [ website ]

3-May-2018  Scottish and Manx Stevenson Lighthouses - Ian Cowe [ website ]

7-Jun-2018  William Wallace – a national tale - Professor Graeme Morton [ website ]



1-Sep-2016  Social Evening + Talks

Lorna Ross: Working with unaccompanied young refugees in Greece.

Dave Reid: Kennoway - a neighbouring parish.

Bruce Manson: Markinch Medieval Church - what about the workers.

Harry Smith: An adventure with my family tree.

Bill Fiet: My life with postcards.

Hugh Hoffman: An unexpected visitor from the skies.

6-Oct-2016  Female Suffrage in Fife 1900 – 1919 - Professor Sarah Pederson [ website ]

29-Oct-2016  Craft Fair - Free entry and all welcome! Great chance to get unique xmas gifts early [ website ]

3-Nov-2016  Annual General Meeting + Scottish Burials - Dr Ed Small [ website ]

1-Dec-2016  From Camels to Castles - History of Scottish Gold and Silversmiths - George Dalgleish [ website ]

3-Dec-2016  Medieval Christmas Fayre - Featuring live, authentic medieval music from Gaita, Scotland's specialist medieval music ensemble. Other attractions to be confirmed. Free Entry [ website ]

5-Jan-2017  Markinch and beyond - a peek into HES Archives - Historic Environment Scotland [ website ]

9-Feb-2017  Our Club’s 175 years history - Markinch Curling Club - [ website ]

2-Mar-2017  On the trail of Erskine Beveridge & his photography - Lesley Ferguson [ website ]

6-Apr-2017  "Wish you were still here" – Scottish outdoor swimming pools - Eric Simpson [ website ]

4-May-2017  The Railway Atlas of Scotland - two hundred years of history - David Spaven [ website ]

1-Jun-2017  The Scottish Diaspora - Billy Kay

10-Jun-2017  Living History Event - medieval building skills recreated [ website ]



29-Oct-2015  AGM + Songs from World War I - David Potter & Bryce Johnstone

5-Nov-2015  Genealogy from Home - Trace your Family Tree -  Iain Ferguson of Scotland's People

3-Dec-2015  Road to Waterloo - Brigadier Grant

7-Jan-2016  Weymss School of Needlework - Fiona Weymss

4-Feb-2016  Mapping Edinburgh - Chris Fleet - National Library of Scotland

3-Mar-2016  The Original Ordnance Survey & More! - Andrew Nicoll from Scotland’s Places.

7-Apr-2016  Scottish Oddities - Hamish Brown

5-May-2016  Fife Brewers and Breweries - Forbes Gibb

2-Jun-2016  Macbeth, The True Story - Professor Fiona Watson



30-Oct-2014  AGM + Kirkcaldy and District in WWI - David Potter

6-Nov-2014  Highland Perthshire - Willie Shand

4-Dec-2014  Admiral Cochrane - Joseph Giacopazzi

8-Jan-2015  Members Night - Bruce Manson: Medieval Markinch. Aimee Chalmers: Knitting a Nation. Lorna Ross: My Grandfather

5-Feb-2015  New Forth Bridge Crossing - Ewen MacDonell

5-Mar-2015  Oral History - What's the story? - Hugh Hagan and Howard Mitchell

2-Apr-2015  Save Wemyss Caves - Dr Sue Hamstead

7-May-2015  Witchcraft in 17th Century Largo, Pittenweem and District - Leonard Low

4-Jun-2015  Heraldry with a Fife Twist - Dr Bruce Durie



7-Nov-2013  Church Records - Pete Wadley

5-Dec-2013  Railway Journeys - Bob Barlow

9-Jan-2014  Back Off Boney! - Fife During The Napoleonic Era - Richard Dickens

6-Feb-2014  Childhood in Markinch - Ian Gourlay

6-Mar-2014  Retours of Services of Heirs - Bruce Durie

3-Apr-2014  51st Highland Division - Brigadier Charles Grant

1-May-2014  Unlocking the Place Names of Fife - Dr Simon Taylor

5-Jun-2014  The Lomond Hills: Exploring a local landscape - Professor David Munro



4-Oct-2012 Cardinal Beaton - Anne Donaldson, a descendant of the Cardinal

25-Oct-2012 AGM + The Pictish Monastery in Portmahomack by David Hughson

1-Nov-2012 Breweries in Fife - John Reade

6-Dec-2012 Members' Interest Night: Mima Magna - Gardening, Trophies and more in Markinch Dael Wilson - The View from Fir Hill

10-Jan-2013 Introduction to the National Archives of Scotland - Pete Wadley - National Records of Scotland

7-Feb-2013 Open Cast Mining  - Ian Terris

7-Mar-2013 Tattie Talk - John Marshall

4-Apr-2013 Stirling Castle - Professor Richard Fawcett

2-May-2013 Balmerino Abbey - Dr Julie Kerr

6-Jun-2013 Law in the Landscape: Mute-hills and Scotland's Ancient Courts - Dr Oliver O’Grady



22-Sep-2011 Earliest Prehistory in Scotland - Mr. Alan Saville Senior Curator of the Earliest Prehistoric Collections, National Museums Scotland

6-Oct-2011 Markinch Amateur Operatic Society - Mr Ian Thomson

27-Oct-2011 AGM + Member's Interest Night 1950s/60s footage of Markinch including a visit from the Queen. Also:- Bill Feit: The History of Leslie House.  David Reid: The Gothenburg’s in Fife.  Bruce Manson: An illustrated history of the lands surrounding Braes Loan, Markinch. (Postponed)

3-Nov-2011 Bronze Age Fife - Alison Sheridan, Head of Prehistory, National Museums of Scotland

1-Dec-2011 The Work of the Stonemason - Colin Sweeney

12-Jan-2012 Quiz Night/Social Evening

2-Feb-2012 The Tay Rail Bridge Disaster - Stuart Morris of Balgonie

1-Mar-2012 The Fife and Forfarshire Yeomanry - Sir John Gilmour

5-Apr-2012 Coal Mining Experiences - Ian Terris talks on his life working in mines. N.B. This replaces the Balfour family talk by Dr Balfour & Bruce Manson

10-May-2012 The Polish Forces in Scotland - Eduard Klak

7-Jun-2012 The Earls of Fife - Simon Taylor



7-Oct-2010 AGM followed by Old Markinch Night

4-Nov-2010 Brick and Tile Works in East Fife - Mr Jim Bell

2-Dec-2010 Markinch Amateur Operatic Society - Mr Ian Thomson- POSTPONED

6-Jan-2011 Members’ Interests Night Various members will talk on a topic of their choice

3-Feb-2011 The Linen Industry in Fife - Rev Ivor Gibson

3-Mar-2011 Scottish Surnames and their Origins - Ian Fraser

7-Apr-2011 The Covenanters - A View - Edgar Shields

5-May-2011 A Concise History of the Black Watch - Maj. R Proctor MBE

2-Jun-2011 Soutra Medieval Hospital - Dr Brian Moffat



22-Oct-2009 AGM plus excavations talk The overall context of the Newton excavations in Markinch Talk presented by Rathmell Archaeology

5-Nov-2009 The Forth & Clyde Canal - Mr Guthrie Hutton

3-Dec-2009 Notes & Markinch - Mr Jim Boyd

14-Jan-2010 Members' Interest Night Some members will talk on their own investigations/research

4-Feb-2010 The Roman Invasions of Scotland - Mr Arran Johnston

4-Mar-2010 Scottish Pottery - Mr Gus Martin

1-Apr-2010 Exploring Your Family History - Mr Hugh Hoffman

6-May-2010 The Dandy & Beano - Mr David Torrie

3-Jun-2010 Scottish Wars of Independence - Dr Chris Brown

9-Sep-2010 The importance of the silver hoard from Norrie's Law for understanding early historic Fife - Dr Martin Goldberg



6-Nov-2008 AGM AGM + DVD on Private Peter Thompson - Andy Mowatt

4-Dec-2008 Gonie’s Nose and Sir David Wilkie A talk on local painter Sir David Wilkie by Marjorie Archibald

8-Jan-2009 Archive Evening A look at some local archives with Andrew Dowsey, Fife Council archivist

5-Feb-2009 Markinch Co-operative Society - Mr Tom Davidson, former Managing Director

12-Feb-2009 Book Launch - Dr. Simon Taylor (Department of Celtic, University of Glasgow) Premiere launch of his new book 'Fife Place Names'

5-Mar-2009 Gravestones related to Robert Burns. Joint meeting with Kirkcaldy Civic Society Main talk by Ann Watters Additional talk by Ivor Gibson - "One Knight and Two Bishops"

2-Apr-2009 Survey of Scottish Churches - Dr Edwina Proudfoot plus an open discussion on Markinch Parish Church Graveyard Survey.

7-May-2009 Visit to Tullis Russell To view archives Tullis Russell co-ordinator, Lisa Bradley

27-May-2009 Archibald Findlay Plaque Our first Blue Plaque to mark the Markinch home of ARCHIBALD FINDLAY, famous Scottish Potato Breeder. Talk by John Marshall followed by the unveiling of the plaque.

4-Jun-2009 Henge monuments in Britain The story after Balfarg - Roger Mercer, President of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

20-Jun-2009 Archaeological Dig Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st June 2009 at Newton of Markinch Farm, Newton Farm Cottages.



6-Dec-2007 The History of Haigs - Chic Nash

7-Feb-2008 Farming and Natural Heritage - Robert Balfour

6-Mar-2008 Members Projects and Research An informal run through of ongoing interests including: Harry Smith - Balgonie Iron Works Dave Reid - Terras the photographer

3-Apr-2008 History of Balgonie Castle - Stuart Morris of Balgonie

1-May-2008 Shopping in Markinch An interactive display of Markinch shops of yesteryear by Neil Sutherland.

5-Jun-2008 The Renaissance Country House in Setting - Prof. Charles McKean

5-Jul-2008 Visit from Perthshire Society of Natural Science This will include a walk around the town

16-Jul-2008 Tour of the Town Members, guests and potential members are invited on a walk around Markinch.



2-Feb-2006 - Where is Pittenduem? Place Names of Central Fife by Dr. Simon Taylor, Toponymist and medieval historian University of St. Andrew's.

2-Mar-2006 - Archaeology in Fife Some recent finds in the Markinch area, Stephen Liscoe, Fife archaeologist

4-May-2006 - A Recollection Evening 20th Century Markinch facilitated by MHG members.

15-Jun-2006 - Lordship and architecture in medieval and renaissance Fife - Dr. Oram of Stirling University (Use the 'Talk at Balgonie Castle' link at the bottom of the page to see an article on this.)

26-Oct-2006 - AGM and Quiz Night Members and non members all very welcome

2-Nov-2006 - Secrets of Markinch Church Tower - Ms Mhairi Claire Semple, Glasgow University

7-Dec-2006 - Members Evening Projects and Research

1-Feb-2007 - The Railways of Fife - Mr Frank Rankin, Archivist, Fife Railways Preservation Society

1-Mar-2007 - Loch Leven and the River Leven - A Landscape Transformed - Mr David Munro

3-May-2007 - Markinch 1939 to 1945 - The Command Line at Fife - Dr Gordon Barclay, Head of National Policy, Historic Scotland

7-Jun-2007 - Fife's Historic Links with Scandinavia, Dr Steve Murdoch, Reader in the School of History, St Andrews University


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